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Vietnam visa for UAE

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United Arab Emirates citizens need the Vietnam visa for UAE access the Vietnam. The following are two ways by which they can apply Vietnam visa for UAE:

Directly apply for your Vietnam visa for UAE
You need contact the Vietnam embassy at UAE to get your visa Vietnam. The actual application is conducted at the embassy where you will have to present yourself physically to fill in the visa application forms. Below are contacts to the vietnam embassy in Abu Dhabi:

Embassy of Vietnam in Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Location: Villa 0101, Str. 27, Sector 24, Al Mushrif area, Abu Dhabi, UAE
P.O. Box: 113038 – Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: + 971-2 449 6720 (Ambassador)
+ 971-2 449 8089 (Minister - Counsellor)
+ 971-2 441 7899 (Protocol Section)
+ 971-2 449 6710 (Consular Section)
+ 971-4 359 7350 (Commercial Section)
+ 971-2 635 3847 (Labour Section)
Fax: + 971-2 449 6730

Online application for the Vietnam visa for UAE through VOA website:
This is the best way for you to get Vietnam visa for UAE, because it so cheaper and faster more than the embassy. To apply visa online, applicants must have a valid passport. The passport must have been acquired at least six months in advance.
Applicants should present two copies of their most recent passport photos not exceeding six months from when they were taken

This procedure entails the following steps:
 - Fill in the visa application form found at VOA website.
 - Clear the service fees with us as guided by our instructions
 - Wait for the approval letter from us, which will be delivered on your email inbox in 48 business hours.
 - Present the approval letter, your passport and your 2 passport photos a one of the three international airports in Vietnam (Tan Son Nhat, NoiBai and Da Nang), pay the visa stamping fee and collect your visa right away.

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1 month staying
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